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Kaibab Productions Films

"Til Sundown"


Logline: Come sundown, someone must die.

Budget: Under $800,000

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Langston Mixx is a hardened U.S. Cavalry Officer who is bent on avenging the brutal murder of his only brother, Cash, at the hands of a ruthless outlaw called Roach. If that wasn’t personal enough, Roach has now kidnapped Lang’s niece and is holding her hostage for a gold ransom.

Lang and his crack outfit of Buffalo Soldiers must decide whether to cross into Mexico in order to rescue the little girl. The odds are against anyone being able to get to the girl before the time limit is up for her ransom to be paid. But Lang has faced longer odds before and found a way to win.

Making matters worse for Lang and his rescue team is that someone is feeding information to the outlaws making the rescue attempt all but impossible. Adding to the conflict is Lang’s obvious guilt for his late brother’s wife who blames Lang for both the death of her husband and the kidnapping of her daughter. Sundown is coming and someone is going to die.

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