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Kaibab Productions Films


"The Herd"


Logline: Is it the end of civilization, or the beginning?

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Nick and Andrea are on their own in a desolate desert in what is left of their part of the earth. A shockwave has managed to decimate the planet leaving few survivors; and those who are able have attached themselves to roaming herds of other survivors in order to stay alive. Their goal is to
stay together, no matter what.

When a new herd arrives in the area, all is changed for the independent couple. Frank, the herdmaster of this new group, demands complete and utter loyalty. Anything less than total subservience is met with swift and violent repercussions. He tolerates nothing while expecting everything from his followers, including his own sister, Nora.

When Nick and Andrea make it clear they will not be joining Frank’s herd, they sign their own death warrants. Frank will stop at nothing to bring the young couple under his dominion. He will do whatever is necessary to break their will or kill
them in the process. Nora makes a difficult decision to fight against Frank and to stand with Nick and Andrea to end the cruelty and injustice.

A showdown ensues in a deserted ghost town when Nick and Andrea decide to face the sadistic Frank once and for all. The now-lawless and primitive civilization hangs in the balance as this young couple struggles to maintain their humanity despite the sadistic efforts of a power-hungry

Kaibab Productions Films

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