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Kaibab Productions Films

"Sunset at Ironwater Flats"


Logline: Revenge is not for the weak – but it is deadly.

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Nick Proctor is bent on revenge after the brutal murder of his father, Sam. Nick will settle for nothing short of vengeance as he seeks out those he suspects of his father’s murder. No one will help. No one wants to get in the way of killers and an
outmanned youngster trying to find justice. So Nick goes alone.

Sheriff Frank Carter has long suspected Nick’s father was killed in cold blood, but he could not make an arrest without any proof. Frank’s plea to Nick to not take the law into his own hands goes unheeded.


Nick likes Frank but he can’t let Frank’s sense of law and order get in the way of the justice his father deserves. The young man turns his back on the
law, preferring his own brand of righteousness. He is determined to stalk each of the killers until real justice is served.

One by one, Nick tracks down the killers of his father, plotting revenge as only a driven man is able. The problem for Nick is that he sees himself becoming as much a cold-blooded killer as those on which he exacts vengeance. One by one, he systematically executes those who had a hand in his father’s murder. Nick has to decide if there has been enough killing, or else finish the job he feels compelled to accomplish. He knows he can kill them all, but it may cost him his own soul

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