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Kaibab Productions Films

"Side Bets"


Logline: Dont bet against him.

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Richard Corey is a quiet man who lets his martial arts skills speak for themselves. He doesn’t go looking for fights, but he won’t back down from one, either. His best friend, Jim, knows Richard well enough to place bets on a sure thing. Unfortunately, Richard will have to choose between backing
down from a big match or risk losing Mary, the love of his life.

Richard tries to put the shards of his life together in a way in which Mary will be the central piece. Mary seems to push Richard away and no one knows why. Richard tries to figure out why Mary would stay to take care of an abusive father. Mary’s father hates Richard and threatens to kill him if he gets the opportunity. It is no idle threat.

Jim talks Richard into a long-term kickboxing contract in which both could wind up very comfortable financially. But Richard could be in way over his head this time as the promoter pits him against professional karate experts who make a living by pulverizing amateurs like Richard. Jim has already made the side bets and Richard can’t walk away
from this fight.

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