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Kaibab Productions Films

"Sarah's Hired Hand"


Logline: Redemption is a long road home.

Budget: Under $300,000

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Sarah Cole has lost her husband, Nathan, in a tragic accident. Now she has a daughter and another child on the way. But she is determined to keep the family ranch at any cost.

Jacob Cole is a quiet man who has not been home in many years. His time away is on everyone’s mind but he will not reveal the trials and tribulations that have befallen him, choosing rather to remain quiet – and distant from all.

Once Jacob finds out his brother Nathan has been killed in a tragic accident he decides to go home to see if he can start a new life. Upon his arrival he finds that Nathan left behind Sarah and Lucy, his wife and daughter.

Jacob tries to put the shards of his life together in a way in which Sarah will accept him without asking about his past. But Sarah has her own internal struggles to deal with and cannot allow Jacob to be a distraction.

A local business man proposes a marriage of convenience with Sarah but it will cost the deed of the ranch which is all Sarah has left of her late husband. Can she give it up to provide a secure life for her and her daughter? And can Jacob step aside gracefully or will his violet past rise up once again and lead to a bloody confrontation?

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