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Kaibab Productions Films

"Phase Out"


Logline: The human race never knew what hit it.

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Jack Burton is a successful television news producer who can’t seem to stay out of trouble with his bosses. It doesn’t mean he’s a bad fellow – just someone who does what is necessary to produce top news programs. And his latest production comes to him without any assistance or instigation from Jack.

Two women have entered his life. That in itself is not all that unusual. But these two women are way different than any Jack has ever known. One wants to save him. The other wants to kill him.

Both women are determined to have their way – at any cost. Jack and his current soon-to-be famous news anchor, Carmen are up to their necks in action and intrigue as the two women scramble to get to Jack first. To make matters worse; both of these women are from the future and have their own reasons for how they want to deal with Jack Burton.

A struggle for survival ensues in the hot Southern Arizona desert as Jack and Carmen try desperately to escape with their lives from the two determined female hunters. Only a miracle will save them and the future of the planet.

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