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Logline: Why does God let bad things happen to good people? In the gold mines of the Old West, the answer is found.

Budget: Under $300,000

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JMattie Spinger is a head-strong young woman
who has had to grow up quickly in a perilous time of the old west. Moving to Arizona from Missouri to escape the coming War Between the States, she and her family find conditions just as volatile as the life they tried to leave behind.


A widower, Jess tries his best to raise four children in the same way his late wife would have wanted. The eldest of the children, Mattie takes over the household chores and finally begins to see her father recover from his loss, in spite of the
surrounding violence from neighboring Native American tribes and lawless criminals.

As time passes, Mattie falls in love and marries a reckless man, Zebediah, who can’t resist the temptation to roam the west in search of the gold that brings riches and fame.


As her husband satisfies his wanderlust, Mattie finds herself sharing a home with her husband’s brother, Jacob, who is forced to conceal his own love for Mattie amid the tumultuous violence of the Arizona Territory.  Jacob tends the mine that he and Zeb worked together until Mattie came into their lives.

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