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In Production



Photographs from the filming of "Mattie" by Kaibab Productions in Tucson, Arizona 2009



Logline: Why does God let bad things happen to good people? In the gold mines of the Old West, the answer is found.

Budget: Under $300,000

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In Production


Kaibab Productions, Inc. is currently in the development and production of a western, drama, family film called "Mattie" which is an independent motion picture films for theatrical release.

Kaibab Production’s goals are to make films that will raise the consciousness of the American people about the importance of our historical past as a nation and that will be commercially exploitable to a mass audience.

At the core of KAIBAB are the founders, who bring to the company successful entrepreneurial experience. Additionally, KAIBAB has teamed with Jack Young as Line Producer, with extensive experience in film and video.

Adding to this, KAIBAB has formed working relationships with Wendy Wolverton and William P. Brown, who have both been in the film business for over 20 years and have backgrounds working on a wide variety of movie projects .

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