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Kaibab Productions Films

"Beyond Temptation"


Logline: They say anyone can resist anything … except temptation.

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David Kincaid is a broken man. He had raised a beautiful daughter all by himself after the sudden death of his loving wife; only to lose his daughter in a senseless drunk-driving accident on prom night. His intense desire to see justice only gets him fired from his position as a Detective for the Tucson Police Department.


If not for his long-time partner Snow, the bitter Kincaid would not have a friend left. Kincaid and Snow start their own private investigating agency to utilize their many years of law enforcement
experience. But they are not emotionally prepared for a case that falls right into their lap. They are burdened with the task of finding a young woman who is on the run from a sadistic, money-laundering mobster who is convinced she has possession of his ill-gotten gains.


The problem is she has no idea where the money is located or who may have it.Complicating matters for Kincaid is the fact that the young woman was his late daughter’s best friend. And the mobster’ s number one hit man is the same one who caused the death of Kincaid’s only child. A simple case of lost and found suddenly becomes a race against time to save the lives of innocent bystanders, all the while resisting the temptation that large sums of money can bring.

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