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Kaibab Productions Films

"Bear Caller"


Logline: They called him Bear Caller. Could he lead an unlikely band of travelers on a perilous journey through the mountains alive?

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Isaac is a seasoned mountain man, and knows
how hard life can be in the wilderness of the Rocky
Mountains.  So when he finds a young man about to be murdered, he intervenes and takes young Sam under his wing.  Along with Issac's long-time partner, Louis, they take Sam on a long trip home to Cripple Creek; a trip Sam is reluctant to take.

On the way, Isaac rescues the wife of an old Sioux friend from ruthless plainsmen.  She has been beaten and worse, but is still defiant and ready to defend her land and her people.  Recognizing Isaac by his legendary name, Bear Caller, she agrees to join the ragtag band.  

The small cadre of survivors will face the wrath of angry plainsmen and marauding warriors on their way out of hostile territory.  Facing insurmountable odds, the group will learn who will live and who will die on the long journey home

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