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Kaibab Productions Films

"Angels Fear To Tread"


Logline: It will take more than angels to win this battle.

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Kevin Barstow is not your typical soldier of fortune. He takes only those impossible missions with a truly human factor. In this case he got more than he bargained for. Called upon to rescue a young woman who is trapped in a country torn by war and rebellion, he has little time to grab his team and
start the search.

A crack team of experienced mercenaries will attempt to locate and rescue a young woman caught in the middle of international intrigue. Young Megan Travis finds herself running for her life when the small village she is working in is attacked by marauding rebels. Her father is brutally murdered and she barely escapes with her life, only to find
herself cut off from help and hope.

Complicating matters for Barstow and his rescue team is that an unknown leak is feeding information to the rebels making the rescue attempt seemingly impossible. Adding to the conflict are the national troops who don’t want any part of a mercenary team in their back yard. A race against time by
all parties will determine who lives and who dies.

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